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Journal of a Lazy Perfectionist

eccentric projections

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Devvyn Murphy began his introduction to technology at an early age. He got his first computer at age 8, and began programming a year later. Introduced to computer music software in 1999, long after dropping out of school band classes, he gained enough skill as a musician to impress some of his friends and family, and gained enough obscure internet fame to appear on Google with a game music remix on a popular web site.

Devvyn associates with the furry community and appreciates anthropomorphic art, both collecting and producing.

Devvyn grew up in Saskatoon until 2007, and at age 24, moved to Niagara Falls to continue the same job in a new setting, just for a change. Two years later he returned to Saskatoon with a new appreciation for the city and local friends and family.

Devvyn is obsessed with the colour orange, cats, kittens, cuteness, and a variety of other things that will eventually overtake the universe.